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Welcome to Te'ora

Ocean Front cabins on Easter Island
Affordable Elegance
Te'ora is proud to be one of Easter Island's best evaluated accomodation according to
Trip Advisor's travelers
"Our Pick" in the Easter Island Lonely Planet guide.

Let the soothing sounds of the ocean waves calm you into deep relaxation.


Te'ora is situated in Apina, on the coastal road that wraps around the village of Hanga Roa. Our ocean view is exquisite - overlooking the rocky shoreline, extending out across the ancient  village of Tahai, and on to Terevaka, the highest peak on the island.

Relaxing in your room, or lounging on your balcony or patio,
you may watch the local fishing boats leaving and returning to the caleta.


Te'ora is nestled within a stately stone wall, built lovingly from hand collected stones, providing a warm, natural wall that protects the privacy of our guests while maintaining the exquisite view of the ocean.


Te'ora is centrally located, within a relaxed walking distance to:

*the village center Atamu Tekena,

*the P. Sebastian Englert Museum,

*the restored village of Tahai

*the ancient ceremonial village of Orongo

*a good variety of restaurants and artists markets,

*grocery stores, fish and vegetable markets,

*the post office, the bank, email, telephone and fax center,

*swimming and surfing,

*the Catholic Church for Sunday services


 Apina s/n,
Easter Island

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